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I guess what I mean is that there's a point in every mono crushie thing where it's too new to start bugging them about whether or not they have feeeeeeelings without sounding like a kook but it's becoming clear that you're simply not on their list of priorities. They enjoy your company when it's there but aren't really compelled to go seek it. At such a point, a rational person realizes that it would be a mistake to hang any hopes on the person and refrains from getting too wrapped up without feeling compelled to have conversations about it. You just read the tea leaves and move on.

How does this apply in a situation where the object of crush is used to dating many people and dividing their attention? How does one avoid making the mistake of being infatuated when the intentions are not so clear without scaring them off by asking a lot of retarded questions?
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How can you claim to love someone with all your heart if you can't stand to let them love with all of theirs?
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