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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Hmm, that depends on what do you hope to gain from meeting him again.
Well, he sent some interesting messages. His attration to me isn't just physical. He made it clear that he's not into being with guys sexually who treat sex partners as if we are all interchangable. It's personal, for him. And he likes to talk with me..., etc. He didn't try to get me into bed right away. He wanted a kiss.... He's apparently interested in real intimacy. And yet... and yet.... And yet he was clear that he's taken (to use the common lingo).

When he said the bit about polyamory being "dangerous," my impression was that he recognized that it could unsettle his life. That it was under consideration, not dismissed out of hand.

Of course, we barely know one another at all ... and that's what I'd like to remedy. Maybe we're not cut out to be lovers? Maybe he could be a friend? Who knows?!

And, no, emotional unavailability is not what I want or need. Not even in a friend. Obviously.

It's just weird to me that folks create emotionally monogamous lives to begin with! So much unnecessary fear!
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