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Default My name says it all!

Hello everyone!

A recent string of events has me looking online for groups and like-minded people - weird that it never occurred to me before! Anyway, I'd like to share my story, and why I'm here - read at your own peril, LOL!

I have always been Poly at heart, tough it wasn't until a very few years ago that I really recognized it for what it was. Until then I had been a relatively unhappy "serial monogamist" who carried heavy and horrible guilt about the string of failed relationships I had behind me - and that I still loved every one of those women, and always would.

About 10 months ago, I was almost 5 years into a relationship that had been strained, to put it nicely, with a woman who I loved very much but with whom things were getting very difficult when I met my current by chance (at a strip club - go figure). We hit it off right away, but it was to be friends only - I figured her for hanging out and getting along great with my fiancee at the time who needed to get out more.

Long story short, the now-ex did what she always did, and that relationship blew apart in record time. The "new girl" and I tried very hard to take it slow, but that just wasn't in the cards - it became apparent very quickly that were made for each other to a degree that bordered on creepy, lol. One of the things we realized we shared right away was an odd level of comfort with our partners having others, inside or out of the relationship - and lots of stories about how hard our relationships had been over the years, partially as a result.

Over the last 10 months we've both had an occasional playmate, and we've kept our eye out for a "match" for both of us, realizing that the likliehood was small. But we hoped. We also met some amazing people along the way and made a few very dear friends, even though the other side never materialized.

And then came "Anne". I had known this girl for almost 2 years - she was a very good friend of my ex - and someone I'd never even thought about romantically. After a falling out between her and the guy we'd set her up with months before and a falling out between my ex and her (unrelated to the dating catastrophe) that resulted in them not talking much, she and I had kept in touch, though at a distance, because we'd always enjoyed conversing and generally got along. One day, she said she wanted to meet me, we hadn't seen each other face to face for almost a year. We did, had a great evening, and it was great to get in touch and revive a great friendship. This soon turned into once or twic a week meetings, and that was fine for everyone.

And then she told me she liked me. Out of the blue, unexpected, holy crap kinda thing. She was excited to hear that the ex and I were broken up, and happysad when she found out I had another very serious interest again already - so she hadn't said anything. Her and my current got along wonderfully, and she didn't want to cause friction. Turns out, she'd been mulling over what she'd heard in our earlier conversations about my current and I being open to other relations, and had decided she'd like to hear more about that. And then things moved really, really fast.

Didn't take me log to figure out I'd developed more than a little crush on her too, that I'd kind of set aside in my head as irrelevant. My current fiancee was thrilled to hear about this, because she liked Anne very much. Anne however, was always a very conservative type, one who needed a few shots to admit she thought about girls sometimes but would never act on it and who believed relationships fit the old fashioned model - period. Once things heated up between the two of us though, and she saw how my fiancee reacted, she opened up in ways nobody thought possible, andit's been the most amazing ride for all of us ever since.

So now they are dating each other and me, communication is wide open based on a long history of talking things over as friends, we are discovering new things about each other every day and every time we do it's some new and unexpected way in which we are all more compatible than we thought a minute ago, the future looks brighter than ever, and we've all discovered that when love is really shared like this, the feelingis so strong it's almost too much to handle.

Between having two beautiful, intelligent, compatible girls myself and even better, seeing the two of them interact and get closer to each other by the minute - I truly am the Happiest Man Alive.

And now we're all kind of looking around and wondering why more people don't think and feel this way, and so we started trying to find them, and ended up here.
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