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Re: the thread, sister just called my bf "sleazy" today because of some stuff I told her that is going on. That one stung. I know my family doesn't like my bf at all because of the way he is - they see him as being phony, slutty, unfair, disloyal, dishonest, etc, etc, etc. Oh well. They don't know him like I know him. And the good thing is they stay out of it for the most part. Aside from some name-calling and "ewwww" reactions, they at least don't hold it against me.

I am sorry for redpepper, how your mother won't talk to you now that you told her? I can't imagine how that would hurt.

I actually have a date with a new person this weekend, and I am a little worried how to handle it. I am just going to take it easy, but I am wondering if something more develops how I would face my family....I'm afraid of them saying "ewww now you're doing it too??"
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