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Originally Posted by River View Post
I'm more than a little tempted to be at the bar again this evening, just to see if he's there.

Am I nutz? Shouldn't I forget about this unavailable man?
I assume you two did not exchange contact info?

I would perhaps not go back to the bar so soon. Wait a few days, and if he's there the next time, there may be enough distance to see if that attraction/tension is still there and to see if a conversation about whatever might develop is warranted. Or a conversation to get clarification on things.

Sometimes it is worth investigating what people mean or how they define those things. I wonder if his saying that his "heart is 100%" with his partner doesn't mean that he cannot love another person, but that he wanted you to know of his loyalty. Even though he seems like a direct person, he may have his own interpretations of certain terms or concepts. Perhaps his "sitting on the fence" with his relationship is a bit of a rut. It sounds a little bit like he doesn't quite understand polyamory (calling it dangerous).

I would say go slowly, be open and honest (no doubt that you would) and ask for explanation if something doesn't make sense to you.

And hey, if you don't wind up seeing him again, you shared a nice kiss. Sometimes we just get little boosts like that in life even if they don't lead anywhere. Sometimes they shouldn't lead anywhere and simply stand on their own as a little bit of sweetness that came your way. In that case, I'd say he gave it, not stole it.
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