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Hi everyone!

For a bit of background, I'm engaged to a fantastic man who also just joined these boards (HappiestManAlive - looking at him, I really think he is! lol). I'm 20, currently attending college for Computer Engineering (minor in Physics), and at night I dance a few days a week at a local strip club. During the day, I work for my fiance's company as their IT Director - basically handling anything that plugs into a wall and making it behave itself.

He and I have always known we had the capability to be in polyamorous relationships, but have always managed to be with a partner who was either un-trustworthy or flat uninterested. After we found one another, talks of adding a third came quickly.

About two weeks ago, we found our girl. In the oddest place, too! A long time friend of my fiance's ex, who sort of popped back up onto the radar and - long story short - confessed that she had feelings for him, and how upset she was that he had already found another girlfriend. He brought the concept of polyamory up to her, and she jumped on board - cautiously, of course - but things are going amazingly. She and I have developed quite the relationship already, the two of them are doing great, and my fiance and I are still doing fine. And - we're more in love than ever. And all in TWO WEEKS! God, can we only dare of hope this all works out, and dare to dream of what our future could be like.

Anyway, I rant. I hope to get to know some of you on these boards - it will be nice to have like minded people nearby for the trials that we'll face and, of course, to share the happy moments. Take care!
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