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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I'm reminded over and over again that poly brings to light all of those dark things within us that we keep hidden away from the world. There are long stretches of everything going along smoothly and then all of a sudden I'm confronted with something that I haven't had to deal with (at least on a conscious level) for a long time.

There are other things that I know are hiding in the back of my mind...stay tuned for the next freak out I've got to say that I'm glad that these emotional sessions are getting fewer and farther between. I don't like being the emotional basket case but when it does happen I'm thankful that I am safe to let it out. In letting it out I can let it go.

Glad to hear that today is a sunnier day for you! I really appreciate what you said in this previous post. There's always going to be "the next freak out" but it's the good and bad of poly that make it the rich experience it is. Thanks so much for sharing.
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