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Originally Posted by MrDragonArt View Post
  1. Everyone involved was raised Mormon. Why is this a complexity? Well, because it's Mormonism.
  2. She states that she's happily married. She has no desire to leave her spouse. I have no desire to leave my spouse.
  3. Her and her spouse are very active, practicing Mormons. My DW and I are not. As such, our view on morality is quite different than hers.
As someone who has an outsider's view on Mormonism but who has taken some time and effort to get to know it, I would want to raise this point.

1) They are practicing Mormons, and I assume it means they are believers too?
2) The LDS Church does not condone polyamory. Am I right to assume they risk excommunication or other spiritual/social penalties if they enter this lifestyle and are found out?
3) I find it sad that even if this turns out happily, i.e. her DH is on board and the two of you can pursue a full-blown romantic relationship, their options as a couple are either to lie, deceit and hide or to leave their church.

I personally would never want to be closeted again. In a rush of NRE your whatever-she-is might feel she can do it, but living in constant fear of exposure eats away your soul. I strongly advice against it.
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