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I don't post enough when things are going well. It's all doom and gloom all the time and really my life isn't like that at all. Last weekend was our season opener for roller derby. We won the game by a significant margin. My husband, RP, PN, LB, my best friend and her son and my mother in law all came out to watch me play. It's so awesome to have that support and to be able to share something I love with people who I love.

A fellow who I've been talking to on line also came to watch the game. I can't see things developing into more than a friendship with him (although I strongly suspect he would like it to be more). He and his wife are unicorn hunter types, which doesn't work for me. I do enjoy talking with him though.

Then at the after party I got to hang out and celebrate to bad live music with both my loves. I hope that they are both as comfortable as I am when we're all hanging out together. I like those times I have, they're special to me.

So there you are, a happy, things are going along swimmingly post
Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok it's not the end.
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