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Originally Posted by MrDragonArt View Post
That said, I have seen a lot of assumptions made about me and the current situation that I believe have stemmed from a lack of information.
Everyone here realizes that ther are ALWAYS more than one side to the story, which is why they ask for the second or even thrid or more parties to post as well. Please don't be offended if advice and/or assumptions were made based on one side of the story if you have not posted your side yet.

Don't disappear, no one is hear to gang up on you - however, they may be very blunt about their observations.

I do not feel as though I am cheating. My DW knows everything. I have tried to keep her in mind throughout this full process. That said, I do think that she's cheating on her DH. I don't like that. I've encouraged her to talk to her DH about me and about what she's feeling. I do not, however, have the right nor ability to try and force her to do anything. At present, I feel strongly that she knows her relationship with her DH much better than I do.
The references others have made stating they think you are cheating was not in regard to your wife, but that you and GF were cheating on HER husband.

My husband has a "... whatever she is ... ", BFF, Non-Sexual GF, Non-Sexual Partner, Sister (but not related)... I have also refered to her as his "other wife", but she definitely doesn't like that title, so it's down to BFF or Sister. Unlike you the sexual tension is not there and will never happen. That didn't stop the pain when I found out that he was discussing intimate things with her, that he wouldn't discuss with me. I would look at the cell phone bills and see multiple calls and texts to her every day and I got nothing. This was cheating and the pain was real and helped fuel the deterioration of our marriage. We have since turned our marriage around and I now welcome her invovement in our lives.

My suggestion would be to cut back on your contact with her to normal friend level (definitely not every day nor for hours on end) until she has had the discussion with her husband. Your right that is not your call to force this discussion, but you can help avoid cheating on her husband.
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