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Originally Posted by dragonart View Post
Having an open marriage only works if both are onboard.
poly is usually defined as consensual ethical non-monogamy. If doesn't sound like this is happening. Everything else to me is either dating, because you are single, or cheating. What are his thoughts on his behaviour? It would be great to hear what he says.

If I were his wife I would be talking about this constantly from every angle I could think of in terms of getting him on the same page as me. If he isn't on the same page, then I would assume trouble will start. For me that would mean ending my relationship and leaving our home. Even if temporarily. I wouldn't subject myself to someone elses deciet. I wouldn't want it be known by anyone that I was part of it. I'm a hard ass on these things though and it wouldn't be until after a huge fight. Their are always other loves to find with similar values as me I reckon. I would get about the business of finding them and moving on. Sadly, but I come first in this world and to me this would be a move for my own sanity.
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