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Stargazer23, female, bi-curious, live on the Gulf Coast in semi-large, conservative city.

I'm not using my real name to protect myself and others.

New to poly and just "came out" to myself about four years ago with the help of a friend and "mentor" I call "Rockstar."

I'm working my way out of a marriage to a man who can not accept me and with whom things have become abusive and mistrustful, despite my attempts at honesty. This is a complex and heartwrenching divorce--I still love this man a lot and at one point, considered him my Best Friend. We had a good thing for a while but the reality of my identity put me in the awful position of choosing between "rocking the boat" or cheating.

All of my needs simply can not be satisfied for life by one person. I don't even find that concept to be reasonable anymore.

I have a son not of this marriage and a need to be pragmatic, smart, clean and discreet.

I want to find a primary with whom I can have a secure, open, committed, safe relationship. I would like to eventually have another child or adopt with such person.

I am libertarian (lowercase L). I value respect for liberty above all else. I prefer honesty to lies but lies to oppression. Don't make me choose.

I have enough love in my heart for the entire world and I don't think I could live with someone who didn't as well.
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