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^Thanks for your post

Well, more drama. Work stress and more illness (I can't figure out if it's been one virus after another or a MEGA VIRUS that's been hanging around since October - maybe it's a polyamorous constellation of viruses and they're all out to get me! ) has meant my absence from this forum and thread.

E and I had a big bust up and didn't talk for a month or two. We're just starting to communicate again but it's made me think long and hard about what role I want him to have in my life. I'm still not sure, but I doubt I'll be able to be sexual with him.

A has been a kind and constant friend, he's admitted that he is too insecure for us to be FWB at the moment. Maybe that will change, maybe not, but I'm OK with the relationship being what it is destined to.

I met a lovely guy T about 6 weeks ago who I clicked with very quickly. After a miscommunication and an odd 3rd date he left the country both literally (working in Taiwan until May) and electronically (did not reply to emails or txts) I'm really not sure what (if anything) will happen when he returns to the UK. I'd like us to start again and see what we can work out so, even if he ignores me (which is likely) I'm going to email him when he's back on home soil and ask him out for a date. Just a coffee, maybe a wander round a museum, take it slow. We'll see.

I am starting to wonder if I'm going to encounter the same problems as Mr FA - finding suitable partners. S has been very odd since I last posted, I'm not sure anything is going to work out between them which is a shame. There's too much stuff going on in her head for it to work right now.

I'm tired of looking for partners, and Mr FA is flagging too. So we're going to focus on each other a bit more and consider our options. It may be that neither of us find anyone soon.
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