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Originally Posted by distraughtinNJ View Post
Thank you. If any other mongamous people out there are involved in a Polyamorous relationship would please share you coping strategies I would really appreciate it. I do not want to lose him. I connected with HIM and want to have a relationship with HIM. I did not sign on to have to have share him with his wife.
Hiya - just to say - I've just joined this group. My situation is I've been married 30 years, and I'm mono, but my husband appears to be poly. He's been kinda interested in others always - and I've always been threatened by it, hurt, jealous. But he never stopped loving me. I've just started getting curioius about poly, because he's fallen in love with someone. it's broken my heart, but nothing's changing so I think I gotta start facing up to it or leaving him, which I don't seem able to do.... I haven't got a lot of advice for you, as I'm just dipping my toe in myself - but I am learning that you can't change what is...

Good luck xx
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