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I am so bummed that my love interest does not want to just enjoy time together.. and let us hang out and have feelings the same way.

But on a bright side, I told one of my good friends about my situation and she was actually somewhat interested in still meeting this guy and perhaps investigating the situation, claiming she thinks it would be pretty comfortable given our current friendship and knowing how I feel about him and everything. She's known me and my husband since way in the beginning of our relationship. It makes me feel that even if nothing comes out of it, that it is at least possible for things to *maybe* happen. Hope is nice. But I am still aware of reality.

In other news, I am pretty sure that he went on a date this evening. But I want him to branch out and find himself so he knows for sure what he wants. I don't want to hold him back! He did say he wants to hang out on his day off thursday or friday, so he still wants to hang out. He has also texted me every single day ever since we started talking. So we've never gone without talking. His effort does say something!
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