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Originally Posted by INFJINJTgirl View Post
I desperately love two men. [...] I am, working up the courage to tell him tomorrow and let the pieces fall where they may- be that continuing on as things are(ideal) or him distancing himself(unpleasant but honorable). I have grounded and accepted the chances of both....but it is still scary as hell.
Why "ideal" that things "continue on as [they] are"? Can't you hope for them to get better? I mean: your life-mate has (hasn't he?) accepted your feelings for the other man. How about the other man being happy that you feel that way about him (and your life-mate)? How about this growing into a best-case (?) scenario: having 2 life-mates who are so happy to be with you, happy to share you, and happy about the happiness of each other?

I can be cynical about the chances of "happy-ever-after", but hey! Give it your best shot!

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