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Do you seriously expect to get an open-minded discussion about polyamory on this kind of show? Especially in the USA. I can imagine the British (more phlegmatic, less hostage of the loony-Christian-right-wing moralists) coming up with a more objective view. Not to mention the Germans or Scandinavians.

I don't live in the USA, I haven't got a television, and I've probably never seen Dr Phil in my life (nor would I ask him to give me a check-up if I did stumble into his waiting room), but I can well imagine that IF his team ever invites someone with a more liberal view onto the show, it's only so Dr Phil can score points off them and make their liberal views look ridiculous (or dangerous). I can even imagine some of these shows manufacturing (scripted) "liberals" with "wacky ideas" who don't need Dr Phil or his ilk to make themselves look ridiculous. From the little television I do see, chat shows and some documentaries are coming more and more to presenting stereotypes and prejudices... as well as "playing to the house". "Informed opinion" as pure entertainment.

People are taking certain media into their own hands. I know that there's editorial control on YouTube, but you're much more likely to find (amateur) open-minded reports on polyamory there than on the boob tube. And YouTube's just the most widely-known of the Internet video carriers. (A bonus is that you can leave a comment that isn't going to disappear in 3 seconds, like a texted message rolling across the bottom of a television screen.)

I just went to "google videos" and typed in "polyamory". 1480 results. Who volunteers to wade through them all and prepare a list of the best?

Not a random choice: this was at the head of the queue on Google: Polyamory by silvurhuntress.

Hey, silvurhuntress! On you on here as well?
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