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Default well hello there


after lurking a bit I am here to get my feet wet so to speak. I am poly- quite so. Actually more so than I thought by my own revelations of myself this weekend. I desperately love two men. One- who by all definitions and perfections is my life-mate. And the other is also perfect and wonderful in different ways. One knows about how I feel for both(my life-mate), while the other...doesn't because of my own fears and insecurities and not wanting to cause harm to anyone. I am, working up the courage to tell him tomorrow and let the pieces fall where they may- be that continuing on as things are(ideal) or him distancing himself(unpleasant but honorable). I have grounded and accepted the chances of both....but it is still scary as hell.

So that's me! Hi!

My screen name is in reference to my personality types. Depending on the day I switch between those two. Lately tis the first one though. Figures :P

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