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Thanks for the sage words, everyone.

We had actually gotten to a point prior to the breakup where we were both okay with how the wedding was. At least I think. We made it much smaller and pretty inexpensive. He has a tendency to not say what's bothering him, and rather to expect that I guess. When he finally admitted what was bothering him and why, and I made a concerted effort to put his feelings ahead of any plans, we started to make progress.

He is still acting angry. He won't say anything except he's having a hard time, but he glares at me at work whenever we pass by. I'm wondering if he generally feels like he must bottle things up right now, because he's feeling ambivalent to say the least about the wedding. I'm thinking I should tell him that if he is not comfortable with the wedding and the marriage right now that we can put him off. I know I've been guilty of putting the process of marriage, and the process of various projects ahead of his feelings.

(Don't throw things at me! :-/ ) That's how I was raised. Stuff ahead of people. Appearance ahead of people. I'm learning rapidly about how not to do this. And it's a very good thing.

I would give up the whole wedding shebang in a heart beat just to be close to him and happy with him again.

I'm going to look up the NVC, MrFarFromRight. I was joshing you a little about being harsh. I know you are trying to help.

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