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The following got moved by Neonkaos to a new thread about formatting. I've removed the "highjacking" portion and repost here, as what's left has to do with this thread (and possibly influenced koifish in her response to me [now a few comments back]) In it, I'm only agreeing with 2 other comments... but agreement is part of a conversation:
Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
However, what you need to do is make decisions that are RIGHT for YOURSELF, and don't get married or decide not to get married because of other people's opinions or your families' expectations. So far, it sounds like your crises stem from "what will everyone THINK if I do this or that?"

You have to decide what's right for YOU, and start putting yourself first in your life.
Too true!
Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Koifish, the closer it gets to the wedding date, the more disastrous and havoc-wrecking cancelling it will be. The pooch is already screwed here. Now does not seem a good time to get married.

At this point, the wedding seems more about the event than the relationship, which ain't good.

Why do you want to get married now? I think this is a really important question.
100% in agreement. koifish: Pay special attention to the middle paragraph!
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