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Default Married, and something has come up...

I'm new to this site. I posted in the intro and just decided to get things off my chest despite my anxiety at doing so.

I've been married for 10 years. My husband and I have dabbled in having an open marriage in the past which ended up very badly. We made some pretty big mistakes. Many other things went on and I finally decided to leave and took our three kids. With a marriage therapist (who is very pro monogamy), me and my husband have made great progress and I am back with him.

My husband was very admit that he wanted a monogamist relationship as part of getting back together. Which I was undecided about but didn't want to open things up again if he was not on board for that.

I've emotionally bonded to other men (though I am bisexual I just don't know many other women that are bi/gay.) I have had one time sexual experiences with a couple of them. These occured during times when I felt me and my husband were seperated. The last emotional relationship I had was one my husband asked me to end so we could concentrate on our marriage.

So why am I here?

My husband has reconnected, on a very powerful level, with an old girlfriend. This woman is someone he has loved for 11 years. I am trying to be supportive of how he feels and how they want their relationship to go.

She is married however. And as far as I know, has not told her husband what is going on. I hate secrets and this makes me very worried about how things will turn out.

I'm feeling a bit unsure about everything right now and perhaps that things are a bit unfair. I want to be smarter about my choices and am looking for help and guidance.
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