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More response after I take a shower.

GG and I don't specify "temporary" versus "permanent" because we've already accepted that there isn't such a thing as "permanent" when it comes to SITUATIONS.

So, do I foresee this being temporary? Yes.
Do I know how long "temporary" is? No.
Do I know the precise details of WHAT the change is? No.

I just know that I need some space from expectations and responsibilities in some area and the area of the kids isn't optional-so, that leaves the adult relationships, of which GG is the key one.

Is our friendship secure and sound? Yes.
But-I didn't ever doubt that.

Maybe later I'll post a little "history on us" in here...

There are other threads out there-and I've asked a couple of the mods to help me move them all to this thread, so that they are one. I didn't know when I first started posting that it would end up being so confusing having separate threads about our "life" all over the place.
I did the work to FIND the threads, but I'm not a moderator-so I can't move them. Unfortunately, merging them all together is a huge job (I assume). So, I'm not putting any pressure on the mods to move them all in any particular timeline-because they already have lives of their own and cleaning up my mess, well, it's not really their job.
So I'm at the mercy of their time and freedom.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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