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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I just want to tell you LR how much I admire you. I come from a culture which places a huge emphasis on family closeness and responsibility. It warms me to my core to see someone (not just you, others on this forum too) really put their family first.

I totally get the temporary break-up with GG. You've weathered 18 (?) years, this is just a different phase in your relationship.
Yes. We've weathered 18 crazy, fun-filled, sometimes heartbreaking, definitely full of learning experiences years.
We know that our souls are connected in a way that simply won't be undone. We accept that in order for our lives to remain connected as well-we have to be willing to go with the ebb and flow, move with the tides so to speak.

He took the couch, made his bed, cleaned his room and set it up the way I would prefer so that I could have some privacy and personal space while I struggle through my hurts.
He's helping me create a room for me out of the garage.
He's patiently caring for me from whatever distance I need in order to feel the CARE and not feel pressured.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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