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I agree with LR in that kids are people first. Its my job as LB's parent to make sure he continues relationships with people even if I don't. This is something we talked about before Mono moved in. I needed to know he would stay in LB's life and he needed to know that I would facilitate that. I keep everyone I have ever allowed close to me in my life and that is evident. He keeps the kids of his ex wifes best friends close to him and continues to visit them about once a month. Family of all kinds is important to both of us, regardless of relationships ending. I think that its really important to pick a family that actively has the same values. Playing lip service to that is different than being actively involved with ex loves.

Btw, kids often say they love someone over someone else. Its there way of saying they are having a good time, because they feel good in the moment. Often they don't have the words to express that they are and feel it as loving someone more. Its important to put it into context for them when they express their love and echo back to them the words to use, like saying, "you are having a really good time, aren't you."
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