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Default Old rules - giggle with me!

I was talking with Indigo the other week, and realized we had an old rule/guideline/boundary that hadn't officially been dismissed, but was kind of laughable at this point.

So, I'd like to hear about any rules you've had that now, seem a bit funny! Here's mine:

When we were "transitioning" from open to poly, we realized that we didn't want to be sexing up new people all the time, so a FWB arrangement was probably ideal. Then, we anticipated that we might develop feelings for these friends, and that was okay, but there was a "check" we needed to keep in mind. We called it the Burning Building* test. Basically, we were allowed to care about our OSO, but if the house was on fire and both OSO and SO were in it, and we could only rescue one of them, we'd better still be rescuing each other.

I'm not sure what the repercussions were for crossing this boundary, but there you have it! We recognized that we might feel emotion and that was okay, but failed to see that we couldn't control that emotion!

I asked Indigo ... "Um, we don't still have the burning building rule, do we?? It seems a little terrible to think of!" He looked at me, laughed and told me I'd better start lifting weights so I could carry him AND Mr. A.

He still maintains that he'll choose the TV in a burning building.

*If you have this guideline, I am in no way making fun of you. It's laughable given our situation.
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