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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
It's possible that there is still a screening process anyway, that is, that the woman still refuses weak men. So the weaker men wouldn't be the ones who go last, they wouldn't get a turn at all. The others would be either #1 or #7 or anything in between depending on which woman they decided to go for and how many other guys made the same decision.
According to Sex at Dawn, one of the beauties of a "promiscuous" ape/human society is that even the lesser males have a chance at sex, since there is more a free for all feeling, not as much of a trend for only alpha males to get all the sex. All the males get a chance at having sex. Weak, premature or deformed babies can result, but would die at birth or soon afterward (or be victims of infanticide in human societies).

And in my opinion, they'd go for more than one woman. After their orgasm, they'd be surrounded by other people having sex, and I think that would get them horny again faster than if there was no sex occurring.
Yes, that is a theory presented in Sex at Dawn, and they cite the extreme popularity of gangbang and cuckolding porn as evidence in human culture.
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