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I've got my faults, too.:-) Honest to god. But working on them.

For example, we had a lot of conflict over the wedding planning during all this with me not listening enough to what he wanted (I am not a bridezilla, btw :-) - i just wanted a celebration of sorts, where he wanted extremely small and private) and him being pretty untrustworthy about getting stuff done in response. At many times I was a shitty non-listener.

I think a lot of us carry a lot of weird stuff from childhood, things that were done to us, ways we were taught to behave. I see this non-listening behavior in both my parents.

One thing I don't regret about this relationship with GF is all the learning that went on. It's sort of a pressure cooker that brings to light insights about problems you weren't really aware of before and then it's sink or swim in figuring them out. So I swam with a lot of things. Learned a lot.
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