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Poor you! Please note you just received a virtual hug.

Originally Posted by koifish View Post
As in, would I be as good to him as GF has been in the several months we have been dating her, the several months during which he has showered an enormous amount of care and affection on her, had a lack of the mundane conflicts that long term relationships bring, and basically aligned himself with her in finding problems with how I performed in this relationship.
This actually produced a giant 'YIKES' reaction in me. Performance is a word that should not be coupled with sex, love or relationships. The fact that you felt it was your performance that was somehow under evaluation sounds just really wrong and unfair.

I am being super-cautious with my tree right now. I have decided it's her who needs the girlfriend and I will be her gf first and their gf second, in part to avoid some of the problems you mentioned your ex was having.

How does all this impact your wedding I wonder?
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