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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post

I think the former morphed into 42 hrs of fornication. Introducing me as his sister-in-law and then going on with the fornication would likely introduce even more complications .
He can fornicate at work?? See! Far less prudish than the colonies already!

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I'll have to ask about that too. I was thinking more of the social disapproval and the whole official 'code-of-conduct' part hadn't even crossed my mind, really. Military everywhere I fear has a tendency to cling on to the most conservative parts of their mother society, even when the said society has moved way beyond that already.
That's a requirement of military's an organization they need to maintain their form and function through one of the most stressful activities ever invented...Combat. So as a consequence, they are usually the slowest of any organization to change in the society that they represent.

They're certainly valid and probable concerns. Ask your questions, and make sure your partner is thinking with a clear head...and not the other one. On the other hand, if he's close to retiring and doesn't care much, might has well let it ride and go check out the Heavy Metal!!
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