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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
No rudeness surmised! Yeah, I would love to know what that means, myself. We are a couple who doesn't have sex? We live together, share the same bed, cuddle, there's a lot of affection...

I think I have a tendency to see her as a child of mine. She has bi-polar disorder and until very recently required a lot of that basic care and support with life tasks. I often feel like the parent/adult in our household. So maybe I have a live-in human pet?
So that is kind of what I thought it might mean. That sounds lovely! A lot of what makes me identify as polyamorous is the fact that relationships can involve all sorts of different "feeling sets" - they don't need to involve sex (or romance, or affection, or anything else in particular) to qualify as a meaningful relationship. It's great to be able to just acknowledge whatever feelings you have with someone, whatever those feelings are
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