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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
To bad its with two people that seemingly aren't able to communicate as well as you.
Turns out we're not all as bad at it as i despaired! i had SUCH a good chat about it with M this morning, and even though things are still difficult and complicated, she feels that despite me being a more recent addition to her (their) heart, i am also very much involved in this situation and she wants us all to communicate together, and feels, like i do, that no matter in what formation, i should stay a part of both their lives and them of feeling worried and i know there will be a lot of work and possibly struggles ahead of us, but im elated too..keeping one of them in my life would have been good, but both is what i truly want. im sad about the mistakes i made in the beginning, but im so happy to have discovered this great capacity for love in my heart, which this situation really pushed me to examine.
im sure ill be asking for lots of advice from you wise people, as this is so new! ive spent the morning reading you 'sharing success and happiness' thread, mono and redpepper, and i must say im excited and reassured to see that this is possible even if there was no proof, its still something id want to try for, with these 2 rare and special people, but seeing proof certainly makes trying (slightly) less scary.
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