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Ya, Mono is military and that keeps me from being out in many ways. We can't go to certain parties due to pot smoking going on... no ones knows about us at his work... I get now, after two years why it would be a stupid idea to come out. I fought it, got angry about it, thought the military and everything about it is bullshit (won't comment on what I think now ) and have come out the other side thinking that really there is no point and really, there is plenty of time after Mono retires.

Its a huge man's club still from what I gather. I'm not interested in fighting that like I would of as an activist in my younger days. Being out and loud and proud. I have a son to think about, and a life to lead. Activism as I knew it bakc in the day and know of it now, is exhausting. It has it's place, but I have passed the torch to younger generations in many ways...

I do my part in other ways. That to me is how change occurs... slowly and with purpose from those who are a community, not from one hot headed red head that wants to be validated and is high on NRE.
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