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Default Scheduling

Would you imagine there are not tags for 'scheduling/schedule/schedules', the issue at the core of multi-partner management?

So, how do you do it? At what point does it come cumbersome? How many partners can you pull off with only 24 hrs to a day?

To clarify, I am a leech sucking at the lifeblood of our Northern welfare society, sitting on my arse all day and pretending to 'study'. Still, it seems I have barely time for dating as it is! I shudder to think of what the situation would be like if I actually had a JOB .

Of the seven nights per week, two are reserved for my mum. One sleepover per week is Flattie's (she is the lovely girl I'm currently temporarily separated from, in that I moved back to mum's for a while ). I am looking forward to establishing a pattern of weekend sleepovers/family dates with my couple, with a possibility for individual dates during the week. I think that regularity and predictability is the key to managing poly with kids, am not normally such a scheduling nazi.

With my sweetheart we have talked about scheduling as well to prevent excessive pining. When I'm with him I don't wish to be simultaneously interacting with anyone else, so let's say a few hours at minimum every other day.

And yeah, I am still living up to hope of attracting a real primary of my own. Hopefully someone who doesn't have any kind of social life of their own and/or doesn't need sleep to make time for us two to be together. Is this a pipe dream, especially since it's starting to look like I can't avoid getting a job indefinitely.
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