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Default there have been some challenges for my chosen family and me but there is usually something good in every hurdle.

Tonight I was babysitting Redpepper's son so they could take care of some stuff. During this time her dad came over to give their son a music lesson. I found him just as friendly as before he knew I was his daughter's boyfriend.

Even more important to me was that I felt no discomfort in being alone with him. Why? My intentions are good. I love Redpepper and her family. I have nothing to hide and honestly want to bring Redpepper and her husband closer. I also want to help them thrive and share in watching their son grow.

Earlier in the day I got an e-mail from Redpepper's husband. He was checking in on my welfare and asked how he could help me get the most out of my relationship with Redpepper. How selfless is that . He was asking if my own needs were being met and reminding me to be upfront and vocal about what I need. In actually I have so few needs I think they feel I am holding back sometimes LOL!!

He is an amazing man...which doesn't help with the whole idea of why she wants me in her life. I am a very lucky man indeed

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