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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Haven't read through the entire thread, but what happens when a poly-family breaks up? What do you say to the kids? How to show them you still love them although you can't come over so often anymore?
Yeah, I want to know about this too. My daughter (age six) is becoming attached to T-Rex (my bf). I am allowing their relationship to develop naturally. I want them to figure out how they want to relate to each other, without forcing things into a predefined shape. This weekend, when we were all on vacation together, she took his hand a couple times, chatting with him while they walked together. He loves kids and talks with her with focus and interest, and he has a delightful sense of fun.

My little girl is prone to forming strong attachments and to grieving loss very deeply. She is currently in therapy for grief of the loss of her grandma and grandpa, among others. While I am strong and feel no need to guard my heart from loss, as that would interfere with my ability to feel fully for T-Rex, she has had a history already of having a hard time coping with loss.

Things are going beautifully in my vee, but I know that there's a possibility that T-Rex might need to move on someday. He would make a great dad, would love to have kids, and I can't give that to him.

So I worry about that. Any tips for easing the transition would be empowering and would help set my mind at ease, even though the situation is purely hypothetical at this point.
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