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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
I have a reverence for female beauty. Beautiful (and I have a pretty broad and varied definition of beauty) women make me want to wax poetic. I want to frolic with them, or snuggle up to them. I wax poetic and feel mushily romantic and/or cuddly affectionate towards people who I find attractive regardless of their genders really. I am also sexually attracted to individuals across the gender spectrum, getting a thrill from interacting with people I find beautiful and sexy. Still, I pretty much only want to fuck men, which doesn't mean I don't have those mushy, cuddly, romantic feelings toward them too.
I enjoyed your post because it reminded me of what Flattie said to me the other day while I was snuggling up to her back. 'You know, if I would go for women, I'd take someone with real tits, like you, or H, or K.' As a clarification let me add that she is lovely petite creature herself.

My mum has a theory that gay people just feel attracted to someone they wish they could be more like, or who express their gender identification in a different but exciting way from them. It's horribly biased of course but I think might have a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy inkling of truth behind it, especially in what comes to straight people having gay crushes.
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