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I've been thinking rather a lot about the whole romantic love and sexual intimacy thing as it relates to me and my relationships. I think I am heterosexual but panromantic. I am attracted to a wide variety of people, even physically attracted to them, but there are few that I want full-blown sex with, and even fewer who I want to fuck... and I love fucking. Seriously.

I have a reverence for female beauty. Beautiful (and I have a pretty broad and varied definition of beauty) women make me want to wax poetic. I want to frolic with them, or snuggle up to them. I wax poetic and feel mushily romantic and/or cuddly affectionate towards people who I find attractive regardless of their genders really. I am also sexually attracted to individuals across the gender spectrum, getting a thrill from interacting with people I find beautiful and sexy. Still, I pretty much only want to fuck men, which doesn't mean I don't have those mushy, cuddly, romantic feelings toward them too.

I believe it's possible I could find myself wanting to fuck the right woman (I don't know what would make her the right woman) or person not solidly male. Thumper and I have played with gender roles a bit, which was fun.

I would certainly be open to another woman joining me and my guys (either of them or both) so long as I was also attracted to her and felt comfortable expressing physical affection and some degree of sexual affection... but I don't think I'd want to fuck her or be fucked by her... though I am not philosophically opposed to that and kinda wish I was more bisexual because lesbians are hot... lol.

So, to answer the OP, yes, I believe it is totally possible to be emotionally poly... and everything inbetween... all at the same time.
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