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Default Visiting the base - a whole new can of worms

So I have been invited to visit his workplace. I think the idea is totally shite.

1) I don't want it to look like he is cheating on his wife. I don't want to be the reason his men would lose respect for him. I don't think you can really respect someone you perceive as a cheater.

2) Being totally out to everyone is not going to be possible, nor entirely advisable. Some of his men won't get it and will lose respect.

3) His wife isn't visiting. I don't want to if she doesn't. She alpha, I beta. It would like feel like being introduced to his parents and spending quality time with them in the hypothetical situation where his parents and his wife wouldn't be on talking terms with one another. Imposing is maybe the word I'm looking for? Over-assuming?

Anyone with experience on being out in the military, possibly living on-base as a poly family?
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