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Originally Posted by oklawildflower View Post
I've spent our marraige following him around. In order for my husband and his girlfriend to ever be on the same base they will have to get married. So my husband and I would have to get divorced. That's where all that part comes in. And yes he would get in a lot of trouble if any of this were ever to be discovered. I agree that is time for me to stand up for myself which probably means leaving, but it seems so much harder than it sounds. I don't know why I can't just let go.
So while following him around, you haven't been able to build a career of your own or a social network you are comfortable with?

Hell yeah you should get due compensation for the time and sacrifices you have made to enable this marriage to happen!

As to why are you not able to just let go? How should you be able to just let go of something you have spent so much of your life working on? Don't be so harsh on yourself.
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