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Default Why my newly-acquired metamour-with-benefits is such a great guy

Originally Posted by magikman79 View Post
We have started searching on OKcupid & actually got a couple of replies, but most want to move much faster than we are ready for yet.
I can sympathize. I think part of it is the feeling of 'oh wow I never new people like this actually existed I'm so psyched right now let's all move out to the countryside and start a big poly family together'.

Unicorns are tough. We can be so giving it goes a bit over-board sometimes.

But, the issue of the day, or how to be a great guy and metamour-with-benefits (MwB) par excellance.

He suggested taking the kids out for a LONG walk to let me and lady wife spend some quality time together without her having to go constantly check on the baby.

Seriously, this guy is lovable. I love cuddling with him. I think we will definitely be great friends and after some adjusting, probably have fun sexy times together too. But things like these make me feel all ooshy-mooshy inside. There is nothing quite as endearing as a guy who treats his wife like a real person and who knows how to share.

Yeah, a serious case of metamour-crush developing.
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