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Been married to my wife for 20 years. Came from a religious background. We were each other's first kiss and first boyfriend and girlfriend. We were virgins at our wedding. It goes without saying our intention was to be monogomous until "death do us part".

Six years ago I met another woman who I developed feelings for and was very honest with my wife about it. She struggled but saw that it was a good thing. Her struggle got the best of her and we are still working it all through six years later!

Just lately my wife is just now becoming more open about it all (meanwhile the other woman who I had feelings for has not been able to hang around for 6 years She needed to pull away while we sorted things out. Perhaps things will change in the future!). But my wife has started exploring another relationship for herself! This is really enlarging her as a person, which is fantastic!

I would love to be in another relationship, but one has not eventuated yet...

The journey continues...
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