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Default Woot, how come I haven't found this already?

So I am Blackie, going on my 23rd year of life. I study Social Sciences but took a break from school in favor of full-time caring for my family - my mum who has cancer and my live-in girlie who is bipolar.

I am a crazy dog lady and trying to adjust to life as a bunny co-parent atm. I work with members of the learning disabilities community. I identify as the kind of feminist your mum warned you about, and thus issues of sex work activism, violence against women and young women's issues are close to my heart as well.

Lately I have absurd amounts of free time I don't know quite what to do with. I do experiment with yoga, rpgs and learning new languages as possible cushions to block me from the futility of my current existence . I am fluent, besides my native Finnish, in English and Swedish, and conversational in German and Estonian. All other languages I dabble with are in elementary stages as yet.

I am a born-again Christian Quaker and vote environmental. Lately I've read a lot on Hindu/Buddhist philosophy. I have a male sweetheart who is the hinge of a vee I hope will develop some point soon, and am in the first tentative stages of a F-F-M-vee/possible triad with kids. I adore children, btw, and am really psyched about a friend's baby project, hoping to be able to offer her support since she is atm a single mum.

Oh, and I am female, almost lesbian and 5'9'' to boot. I am always open to exploring new connections with whoever comes my way but although not being exactly shy, I have hard-of-hearing and prefer talking to people online as opposed to night-clubs or huge social gatherings.
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