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The thing is we are both just hanging around each other like moths to a flame. Doing anything but having physical intimate contact, which could lead into sex. We have nice conversations and it thrills me being with him, I feel very good and comfortable with him, but when we are apart the ephedrinerush kicks in. It's annoying to have to let it go. Why do things seem so more attractive when they are 'forbidden' in a way? We have a great intellectual click (or this could be NRE speaking) and we have known each other for many years although never so close as now. He's not really part of the inner circle of friends but more on the outskirts. What do I do? Desire seems so nice to give into as well. I understand how my friends had bad experiences with him, he has a certain way of presenting himself which is quite provocative. Not badintentioned I think though, more just blunt and brazenly honest. That is what I like about him. Hard to decide this..
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