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WTF??? What happened? I thought you two were moving toward some sort of better, more mindful place where things were being repaired. Wasn't that the point of moving out, making all those lists, working on stuff together and separately?

How can he hate GG after he saw the good things he did for the family when your daughter was having her baby? Didn't Maca praise and express appreciation for GG when he saw what a stand-up guy he is?

What could have caused this turn-around, I wonder? Do you think he's being influenced by someone with poisonous opinions?

Omigosh, I am so sorry, LR!!! But don't make any decisions now, really, you're in no state for decision-making. Just be. I wouldn't break it off with GG if I were you, he has always been so supportive, don't leave yourself dangling with no one.

(((((((BIG, GIANT HUGS)))))))
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