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So, Radical Acceptance has been a doorway for me. I, too, haven't finished it. It's intense like that. At the beginning, it resonated with me. "The trance of fear" is a state I know well. So I dove into it. I began meditating and using the techniques described to good effect. I felt calmer. I learned to get in touch with my senses on a deeper level and occupy the space I'm in with compassionate attention. Really investigating my physical presence and at the same time experiencing the regularly scheduled noise of my thoughts. I learned to feel fear and not be ashamed of it. Not to judge my experience, but simply experience it. That was liberating. In a sense, I could now stand outside myself and witness the process of my jealousy, my doubts, my ancient pains... and feel compassion for myself. What a gift!

I have since stopped formally meditating and started doing other things meditatively. Running, walking the dogs, working with my hands. Simply pausing throughout the day and consciously examining the moment I'm in is enough for now. I have dug deep enough for the time being. I have plenty to work with and plenty to work on. To be honest, it got a little exhausting. I imagine I'll return to the book now and again until I've finished it, but right now I'm in no hurry.
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