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I just can't shake my sadness and pain from the breakup since wednesday or so. I'll feel better for a few hours if I'm with friends or doing something but if I let myself into how I really feel, I usually just end up sobbing.

This morning I went to church with some friends and I don't really know exactly what I believe any more but I do like the pastor of the church. He typically has intelligent and insightful things to say. And he talked about acting out of compassion rather than revenge when we're wronged. I can definitely get on board with the "I don't need to punish him because eventually his karma will bite him in the ass" but I don't feel any kind of compassion for him. Just anger and hurt. Maybe in time...

I'm going to one of my favorite ever yoga classes tonight (Deep Flow). It's got a great teacher and it's very challenging so I'm sure that I'll be sore tomorrow. And a few days after that. I'm so out of shape. I know I'll get back to where I want to be soon but it's always a bit painful getting back on track. I think I'm going to start running occasionally. I got new running sneakers and it feels like running on air. I love the new shoe feeling before the soles get all worn out and hard. And they're even stylish looking! Not to mention a great price.

Anyway, off to yoga with me!
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