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Default Mono Poly Thing - Unworkable Situation?

My situation is that my wife decided she was poly but she has a much lower sex drive (and energy in general) than I do, so now that she's got another partner, I basically get less of everything and it wasn't like I was getting a whole lot of attention before. I think its been around three months since we had sex last and she has sex with him twice a week. Problem is, we have kids, so I'm resistant to just walking out the door - but fantasize about it on a daily basis.

I don't understand how its salvageable, however this would be the place to ask. I feel like I have a free loading room mate that I pay all the bills for at this point. I basically quit asking her to do anything - she only ever offers to watch TV with me on the couch - never wants to go out, never wants to anything, all her energy is spent. I feel almost constantly rejected and I used to try to talk about it but I've started to become really frustrated about it so I can't talk about it in a supportive way anymore so I don't talk at all. She seems perfectly content an unaware that anything is wrong.
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