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Originally Posted by DobleVida13 View Post
. . . while both my husband and new friend have met and seem to be getting along, I know that there will come a day when they will disagree about something and I'll be caught in between both of them.
Well, don't make your worries into a self-fulfilling prophecy! You never really know what the future holds. Yes, relationships are challenging, and the challenges could be quite be different from what one would expect in a monogamous relationship, but your two men might very well be compatible as friends. It's possible that any disagreements would be so much less stressful than you are now imagining they would be. I agree with MrFarFromRight when he said not to look for problems that aren't there.

Human beings tend to project into the future about what problems there might be, but we so often to forget that the future can be more wonderful than we could have ever hoped for!

Have you read any of the threads in the Blogs section? You might want to check out TruckerPete's and Indigomontoya's story, as well as Penny's, and Rarechild's/Charlie's/Catfish's. They are all in similar configurations to yours and their experiences and willingness to express what their processes have been are all very inspiring. Vodkafan doesn't have a blog but look for his posts, as he and his wife have really made their vee work quite well for them.

All the best to you! Keep coming here & asking questions!
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:
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