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Moving into Asha's house didn't work. I have to pick my own kids up from school and deposit them at my house, make dinner for everyone, then go to Asha's house, 40 minutes from my house. People weren't getting to bed on time, homework wasn't getting done. Then I tried staying at my house but driving to Asha's house to let her dogs out. That was even worse, predictably--an hour and a half round trip, then an hour to an hour and a half taking care of her animals. If I do that twice a day, I lose six hours. During the week, people don't get to bed on time, homework doesn't get done. So I brought the dogs back to my house. So far, so bad. The dogs barked all night for no explicable reason. Since Easy works on the phone during the day, this may not work out at all, but we'll have them here for the rest of the weekend because we just don't have the time for anything else. I don't know what the solution is.

I'm in this predicament because I failed to say no when I needed to. I need to remind myself that I have the right to say no, even to people I love, and I need to not over-extend myself to the detriment of my family and my self. If I had said no, at least to the dogs, Asha would have had to find another solution, but there may have been another solution and I don't have to take responsibility for everyone and everything. Overextending myself is bad for all of my relationships because then I feel stressed and build resentment in myself towards the people I love.
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