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i am a music collector having a compilation of albums dating back to the
40's. i told you i was old! mostly big bands: tommy and jimmy dorsey,
harry james, glenn miller, stan kenton, cab calloway, etc. and jazz: ella,
dinah washington, anita o'day, sarah vaughn, gerry mulligan, miles davis, etc.
and dozens of albums by sinatra/count basie and similar artists from that era.
some of them are considered to be exceedingly rare. i also have a few hundred albums from the sixties,seventies and eighties. mostly rock,punk,soul.

last year i bought a turntable that SONY makes, the PS-LX300USB, which allows the user to transform analog from vinyl to digital (cd or mp3). it hooks
to a usb port in your pc and uses an audio editing program to record, edit,
encode and then master. (SOUND FORGE AUDIO STUDIO LE) i only use it when my daughter comes home from college to help me as i am apparently to inept to do it myself! so if you would like a copy of an album from that era
and cannot find elsewhere, let me know, i just might have it.
ps. i like classical music. beethoven set the standard for modern music thay everyone else would love to attain
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